Team Effectiveness: Building Stronger Teams

Build a more effective team through increased awareness and establishing expectations around trust, respect, and communication.

What it's all about

Building effective teams starts with the right people and involves establishing a solid grasp on what drives performance, expectations around trust, respect, and communications as well how we support and reinforce each other. This workshop focuses on the key elements of building stronger teams by increasing member self-awareness and maximizing team synergies.

Please note: The initial cost of the course is $195 CAD that provides access to all of the course materials for your team. Each team member is required to complete a personality assessment to be purchased in addition to the materials (a purchase link will be provided and assessments cost $65 CAD each).

What you'll learn

How to...

Leverage your key personality traits to maximize your ability to work effectively as an individual

Explore your personality traits and those of your team members to better leverage your strengths

Maximize commonality and synergies within the team in order to work together more effectively

Your Instructor

Robert Dougan
Robert Dougan

Robert is a highly sought after Senior Consultant with the Self Management Group, who has many years of experience working with a variety of different industries. Robert has spent countless years helping professionals with personalized custom solutions in the area of talent acquisition, talent management, succession planning, coaching, and team development to improve both the top and bottom line.