Selecting Top Sales Performers

Helping you select high-performing salespeople effectively and consistently to build top quality sales teams.

What it's all about

Finding and identifying sales talent is one of the greatest challenges facing any recruitment function. Research suggests that the most success stories in sales depend on talent, hard work and a good opportunity. The purpose of this workshop is to help all stakeholders in the recruitment of sales talent add value to their current selection system in order to consistently build top-performing sales teams with the right talent, effort and opportunity.

What you'll do in the workshop

Analyze your organization’s existing selection process to identify when you are screening, when you are selecting and how effective you are at predicting sales performance and retention

Explain the goals of the selection process and the key elements that enable organizations to predict “effective retention”

Enhance your current selection process by integrating the art and science of selection in order to consistently and systematically make the right hiring decision for your team and your organization

Your Instructor

Warren Collier
Warren Collier

Warren has over 20 years of human resources and operations experience, serving in a variety of senior leadership roles in the financial services, telecom, and business process outsourcing sectors. He is responsible for building and delivering our talent management and HR consulting services to our Fortune 500 clients across Canada and the United States, along with our portfolio in the healthcare and public sectors.

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