Building a Recruiting Culture

Helping you build proactive pipelines and a culture of sourcing within your team and talent community.

What it's all about

One the of key challenges in recruiting today is the ability to have a consistent pipeline of top talent to help you fill positions more quickly and effectively. This workshop will help you build strategies and networks to create this proactive pipeline that will consistently feed you top quality candidates for your high volume and high need positions. You will build recruiting action plans, scripts and systems to give you access to the top quality candidates in your market, every day.

What you'll do

Explore the key factors that predict performance and retention to create an ideal candidate profile

Using the career management approach to recruiting, identify the key factors associated with where to recruit top people and how to facilitate a career discussion

Leverage all sourcing best practices and resources to fill your candidate pipeline consistently

Your Instructor

Robert Dougan
Robert Dougan

Robert is a highly sought after Senior Consultant with the Self Management Group, who has many years of experience working with a variety of different industries. Robert has spent countless years helping professionals with personalized custom solutions in the area of talent acquisition, talent management, succession planning, coaching, and team development to improve both the top and bottom line.

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