Big data is bringing big changes to talent management. Facebook knows it, which is why the tech giant is leveraging its awesome amount of data for a new resume feature, and dipping its toes into the talent industry.

But even with the awesome amount of data that Facebook has, data only becomes valuable when it’s translated into insights and transformed into action items for change. We can collect as much data as we want but all the information on the internet does not guarantee a productive recruit. Like Wired says, “you can’t just “data mine” your way to the right candidate; you need the right tools to analyze it, and the right people who can provide meaningful insight.”

And this is where talent managers come in.

Data and talent managers together create an entirely new talent experience, blending the discovery of IQ with EQ together to find the best-possible candidate for the best-possible performance. You won’t be the most competitive people manager with only one of these tools moving forward, you’ll need both to be powerful.

When a talent manager knows how to interpret data, they can leverage the power of technology to serve up a candidate that suits the organization. When they become infinitely valuable is with personal interaction, with their ability to weigh the soft qualities that only emotional intelligence can pick up on. Did they show up to the interview? Did they respond to your email? Does their energy suit the organization?

The art of analyzing data doesn’t need to be intimidating and it actually becomes exciting when you know how to harness its power. We have created the Talent Analytics Workshop to break down the fundamentals of data and then build it back up again as a tool for talent managers.

We start by defining and classifying relevant data to be defined and leveraged into a strategy later on in the process. This first course, The Fundamentals Of Data, alleviates the intimidating factor of data by teaching you the language.

The second course, Interpreting and Evaluating Data, coaches talent managers how to use critical thinking to interpret data into insights.

In the third course, Sources Of Data, recruiters learn how to use their knew data reading and interpreting skills to discover all the different places where data can be found within an organization.

In the final course, Using Data To Inform And Influence At A Strategic Level, recruiters learn to look at data and identify a people and culture challenge within an organization, and then use that knowledge and their EQ to build out a solution and drive change.

It will be easy for you to become the most powerful kind of talent manager and team leader by learning how to analyze data and interpret EQ indicators.

The Strategic Talent Analytics workshop with Self Management Group was designed for self-directed learning, to enable participants to discover, choose and practice what you need to be a top performer now and in the future.

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The Strategic Talent Analytics workshop is approved by SHRM, HRPA, ADVOCIS and Mortgage Professionals Canada.